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20 Perfect Holiday Gifts for Dancers You Probably Don’t Know About

‘Tis the season for making a list and checking it twice. If you’re struggling with finding the perfect gift for your dancers, don’t stress, Dance Extreme Artistic Director, Ms. Rebecca Brettingham-Filice has put together this list of perfect holiday presents for dancers of every age!

1. Warm-up Booties


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Keep your dancer’s feet toasty warm with these Capezio Warm-up Booties which are perfect before heading into the studio or stepping onto the stage. Dancers especially love the flexible sole on these booties, so they can do all their warm-ups with the booties on.


2. Ballet Foot Stretcher


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A foot stretcher specifically designed for ballet dancers is an invaluable piece of equipment that helps dancers develop greater mobility and stretch in their feet, helping to strengthen positions and lengthen their lines.


3. Exercise Band


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A dancer’s bag is not complete without an exercise band. As one of the simplest and most effective training tools, dancers can use this versatile piece of equipment for resistance training, conditioning, stretching and muscle strengthening. Exercise bands can also be used by dancers to prepare for pointe work and help recover from injuries. Be sure to ask your dance teacher for effective individualized stretches, exercises and warm-ups you can do before class, at home and even before competition.


4. Ballet is Fun App


The Ballet is Fun app is only $3.99 and a fun visual way to practice ballet at home and on the go.


5. Wrap Top


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The colder weather is coming and dancers need to stay warm, which means – layers. A wrap top is the perfect light weight cover-up for between classes and during warm-ups.


6. Water Bottle


Whether your dancer is looking for a Mist and Sip Bottle that they can sip from or mist themselves with, or a S’well Bottle that keeps drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours, water bottles are at the top of many dancer’s wishlist.


7. Trigger Point Foam Roller


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A multi-dimensional foam roller helps dancers move better. As dancers roll over this self-massager, they increase blood flow and oxygen levels and help work through tight muscles to get them feeling their best and moving better.


8. Thermal Travel Mug and Caffeine Free Tea


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Experienced dance parents will tell you that picking your dancer up after a late class with a snack and “sleepy time” or other favourite caffeine free tea already in the car, makes getting them to bed that much faster once you get home.


9. New Tights


Dancers are hard on their tights and a new pair in their stocking or under the tree will make your dancer smile – guaranteed!


10. Fancy Back Bodysuit



A new bodysuit is on every dancer’s list and when even basic black bodysuits come with unique and creative backs, this gift becomes practical and wish list fulfilling too.


11. Hair Bag Restock


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Did you know that a dancer’s hair accessories should match their hair colour? Hair pins, hair nets and elastics in your dancer’s hair colour make perfect stocking stuffers.


12. FlexStrap Stretch Strap


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Dancers know that stretching and flexibility are an integral part of their performance in class and on stage and are essential for injury prevention. The FlexStrap stretch strap is recommended by physical therapists and is designed for users of all sizes and all abilities, from beginner to advanced.


13. Mesh Bag


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Dance shoes need to air out after use and should be stored and hung in a mesh bag. This is especially true for pointe shoes. Storing and hanging your shoes to dry in a mesh bag helps them last longer and smell better!


14. Clear Garment Bags


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With competition season right around the corner, clear garment bags are a dancer’s #1 way to keep costumes organized and make quick-changes a breeze. With compartments for shoes, accessories and tights, this garment bag is guaranteed to keep your dancer (and you!) organized.


15. Arch Supports



The new Capezio Arch is perfect for dancers needing a little extra support and stability while dancing. Arch reduces over-stretching of key areas of the foot and can help improve pointe work.


16. Blue Oil


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Aveda Blue Oil is a tiny bottle with a roller top filled with peppermint, blue chamomile and menthol essential oils that helps soothe muscles and dissolve tension. Not to mention, it smells delicious. Blue Oil is perfect for in between classes or at the end of a long dance day.


17. Foot Spritz



Freshify Deodorizing Foot Spritz is an all natural foot spray that leaves dancer’s feet feeling cool, refreshed and deodorized. This foot spritz is especially loved by dancers working en pointe.


18. FootFixx Massage Balls


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Dancers spend a lot of time on their feet and this can cause inflammation and pain. Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Podiatrists and Doctors recommend reflexology, acupressure and trigger point therapies to help reduce the pain from extended activity, which can all be done with the help of this simple tool – the FootFixx.


19. Dear Kate Bodysuit


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This is a special bodysuit for dancers on days when they need a little extra comfort and protection. The Dear Kate collection gives dancers confidence no matter what time of the month.


20. Something Special


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If your dancer loves hip hop, the Capezio Aubrey pants are perfect. Tap dancers will love having this personal Sound Check Tap Tool. Your ballerinas will look forward to wearing a new wrap skirt to class


No matter what you gift your dancer this holiday season, we know if it’s related to dance, they are sure to love it.

Happy shopping everyone and Merry Everything this holiday season!



20 Perfect Holiday Gifts for Dancers You Probably Don’t Know About