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Dreaming of Becoming a Professional Dancer


Grayson is eight years old and dreams of becoming a professional dancer. After four years of dancing at Dance Extreme, she is on her way to accomplishing her goal.

Though ballet is her favourite type of dance, Grayson also takes jazz, acro and a jumps and turns technique class.

When you ask Grayson what her favourite thing is about dancing at Dance Extreme, her only answer is “everything”. She especially loves her “friends, dancing, pictures, teachers, music, costumes, competitions and everything else”.

Grayson also knows that along with all the technique and skills she is learning in her dance classes, she is also learning life lessons that will stay with her always. Her favourite ones right now are “how to work as a team” and to “never give up”.

Quick Grayson Facts


What is your favourite thing to do at Dance Extreme when you’re not dancing?

Play and chat with friends

What’s in your dance bag right now that you cannot live without?

Dance shoes

What’s your favourite before or after dance snack?


What are you looking forward to the most this dance season?


Dreaming of Becoming a Professional Dancer