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Expert Dance Mom Advice On Getting Organized for Competition

Showcase is over and competition is just around the corner.  You’re so excited!  You can hardly wait for it to begin, but it’s a whole month away.  What will you do?

Get organized.  One of the best tools you can have is an organized dance bag or bin.

Here’s short list of ideas to get you started:

Put your name on EVERYTHING – your costumes, shoes, tights, and all of your accessories, even the smallest things, like your hair clip.  In the busy change room with dancers coming and going all of the time, things get lost.  If it has your name on it, there is a better chance it will find its way back to you.  You can buy labels or just write on your item with a marker.  Make sure it doesn’t show on the outside.

Decide on a system for organizing your things, both at home and at the competition.  At home you can hang your costumes up to keep them organized, but at the competition space may be limited.  A clear plastic bin is a great tool.  You can put your costumes in it for transport, and take it right into the change room with you.

Put your hair and makeup tools in their own containers.  It’s much easier to find hair pins and little makeup brushes if you have them all together in one place.

Make a ‘head to toe’ check list –  hair kit, makeup kit, jewellery and accessories, warm up suit, costumes, tights, shoes. Having to go back for the costume piece you forgot a half hour before you’re scheduled to compete is stressful, and unnecessary.  Not being allowed on stage for adjudication because you forgot your warm up suit is disappointing to say the least.  Avoid these problems by making your list and checking it twice before you leave for the competition.

Put together a first aid kit – Bandaids and a waterproof ice bag are essential.  Then you have what you need to cover a blister or cut, or apply ice to a mild strain.  Dancing on a blister is painful.  One little bandaid can make a huge difference.  You can stock your first aid kit with more tools, but these are the basics.

Now you’re organized, you know your choreography, and you’re ready to compete.

Have a great season!


After 12 years as a competitive dance mom, Jan Earnshaw is so happy to be able to share the benefit of her experience with the other families at Dance Extreme.  Jan says that supporting her daughter Maggie Kelly, throughout her time on Dance Extreme’s competitive dance troupe and now, as she pursues a professional career in dance, “has been one of the greatest joys in life”. Maggie is currently attending the Joffrey School of Ballet. 



Expert Dance Mom Advice On Getting Organized for Competition