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How Dancers Can Stick To It When The Stage Is Slippery

If you’re a dancer, knowing what to do when the stage is slippery can mean the difference between getting onstage confidently or being worried about slipping with every dance step.

Although it used to be common to mop slippery stages with a mixture of Coke and water, or encourage dancers to rub the bottom of their dance shoes in Coke, this is not the solution to a dancer’s sticky stage problems.

If rosin isn’t available backstage, try one of these quick fixes instead:


1. Practice Backstage

The best way to get the feel for the stage (and if it’s on the slippery side) is to test it first. While waiting backstage, try a few pirouettes, first position jumps or quiet toe stands. Getting the feel for the stage helps give you the confidence to dance full-out.


2. Hairspray

Hairspray is a quick and easy fix with something most dancers have readily available when competing or performing. Simply spray the bottom of your shoes with your hairspray and then you’re ready to hit the stage.


3. Spit on The Stage (No Really, We’re Serious)

We know it sounds a bit gross, but this is the easiest and fastest way to deal with slippery stages. Just spit on the floor backstage and rub your shoes in it.


4. Water Bottle or Damp Towel

If you don’t think you can spit on the floor, use a bit of water instead. You can also keep a damp towel backstage and rub the bottom of your shoes on it as you come on and off stage. Just remember a little bit of water goes a long way – don’t soak your shoes!


5. Buy Your Own Rosin

If all else fails, you can purchase your own supply of rosin at most dance stores and online through Amazon. Just remember that dance rosin and musical instrument rosin are very different (so make sure you’re buying the right kind!) and rosin should never be touched with bare hands or feet – it’s for the bottom of dance shoes only.


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How Dancers Can Stick To It When The Stage Is Slippery