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Meet Dance Extreme Instructor Miss Marlow Salhany

Dance Extreme Instructor Marlow SalhanyInspired by dancers like Michael Minery and Chaz Buzan, Dance Extreme instructor Marlow Salhany considers dance to be an art as much as it is a sport. “Any type of artistry deals with digging into your creative side, which is what inspires my dancing as well as teaching.”

Raised in Ottawa, Miss Marlow spent the last 15 years training in tap, jazz, ballet and hip hop with 14 of those years as a competitive dancer. Recently she moved to London Ontario to study food and nutrition and began teaching at Dance Extreme. Miss Marlow teaches mainly tap but you might also find her teaching her other two favourite types of classes – jazz tech and conditioning.

When asked to describe her classes in a few words Miss Marlow says “technical, challenging, creative, and hopefully fun!

Although Miss Marlow loves teaching the younger dancers because “they melt my heart”, she equally enjoys teaching the older students because they “are fun to challenge!” Inspiration and challenge are common themes in Miss Marlow’s classes and she continually tries to inspire dancers “with a little pep talk, and a lot of challenge.


I like to give them things they might not be physically and emotionally used to, to force them to reach to new levels. I find exposure to new exercises further exposes the students to things they are not familiar with, which allows for improvements and even better their interest.”

As an experienced dancer, Miss Marlow has been in many types of learning environments with many different types of instructors. In her own classes, she likes to keep the following rules:

Remember to practice and keep giving it your all!

When learning choreography, recording and practicing the new choreography is mandatory in order to move on fast so cleaning and perfecting can begin as soon as possible.

Remember to respect your teacher and your fellow dancers.

In fact, respect is so important to Miss Marlow, it is one of the key life lessons she hopes her students learn in her classes – “respect for themselves, their fellow students, their teachers, their parents, and everyone else in their lives.”


Dance Extreme Instructor Marlow Salhany


This dance season, Miss Marlow is most excited “to see the dances coming together especially once they are cleaned and perfected.” She is also excited “to see the students’ excitement grow as the year continues for the thrill of competition!

But above all, she hopes all of the students that come into her classroom remember…

You are only in this class for 45 minutes to an hour and a half. Use it to grow and express any feelings you may not feel comfortable expressing. I encourage sweat because it means you are physically letting off steam. Appreciate each class and try and take away something from it every time. Dancing is such a precious feeling because you are dancing with your heart on the stage, alongside many other hearts that are also there.”



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Meet Dance Extreme Instructor Miss Marlow Salhany