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Ten Things Ms. Rebecca Wants You To Know Before Competition

Competition season is here and we know that for everyone, not just our newest Dance Troupe families, there can be lots of questions and a bit of planning that goes into getting ready for each competition.

With this in mind, Artistic Director Ms. Rebecca, has put together a top ten list of things to do and things to know before competition.


1. Make A List And Check It Twice

Some parents choose to print the schedule sent out via email and highlight their dancer’s times while others use that list to make their own colour-coded spreadsheet with dates, times and shoe, tights, hairstyle and jewelry requirements for each number their dancer performs. No matter what type of list works for you and your dancer, be sure to make one before getting to competition. An organized list helps ensure both you and your dancer are on time, ready and as stress-free as possible.

2. Be On Time

Dancers must arrive a minimum of 1.5 hours prior to group dances and 1 hour prior to solos/duets/trios. The only exception to this rule is for the first dances of the morning. Occasionally the facility opens only one hour prior to the competition starting, in which case dancers can only arrive as early as the facility opens. Please note, a member of the Dance Extreme faculty will send out an email letting you know what time the competition venue opens in the morning.

3. Get Organized

Garment bags are an ideal way to transport costumes and getting them ready a few days before with tights, hair pieces and shoes makes it easier to get out the door for competition and usually helps prevent any forgotten items.

Expert Dance Mom Jan Earnshaw shares her tips for getting organized here.

4. Google Parking and Leave Yourself More Time Than You Think

Depending on the venue, parking can sometimes be tricky, so it’s best to do a bit of research on what parking is available and on what days before you arrive at the venue.

Also, leave yourself a little more time than you think – the drive thru line could be busier than expected and the parking lot you planned on could already be full (especially if the competition is downtown on a weekday).


5. What To Wear To Competition

Please do not send dancers to competition wearing their costumes. Dancers must arrive in their Dance Extreme warm-up suit and their hair and make-up done for their first dance.

A member of the Dance Extreme faculty (not necessarily Ms. Rebecca or your dancer’s choreographer) will let the dancers know when it’s time to put on their costumes. We try to do this as close to the time they will head backstage as possible to avoid any costume mishaps.

6. What To Do When Waiting

When dancers arrive they should begin to warm-up and reviewing their dance.  There is an excellent blog post on the Power of Visualization and when waiting to perform or run their dances, this is the perfect time for dancers to practice this skill.

A member of the Dance Extreme faculty (not necessarily your dancer’s choreographer) will run each number with music. When teachers are running numbers, parents should be in the change room area and not the rehearsal hall. Please remember that our teachers are responsible for running all of our dances and for bringing other dancers on and off stage. Because of this, teachers are not able to supervise your dancer for the full 1.5 hours before they dance.

When it’s time to head backstage, the teachers will take the dancers and at this time, parents are encouraged to take a seat in the audience. When the dancers are done performing, the parents can meet their dancers back in the change room.


7. What is Adjudication?

Adjudication is when groups and individual dancers are given their awards by the judges. Typically this happens at regular intervals during the day, so please check your progams for exact adjudication times.

During adjudication, all dancers are invited onto the stage (providing they are wearing Dance Extreme team wear) and remain on stage until all awards are given. Because Dance Extreme faculty are recording scores or running numbers in the rehearsal room during adjudications, parents are responsible for their children getting on and off the stage.

A couple of quick things to let your dancer know about adjudication:

    • For group numbers, only one dancer will go up to accept the award. Prior to adjudications, a teacher will let the dancers know who will accept the awards on behalf of each group.
    • For dancers who accept group awards, these awards should be passed out after adjudication and in the change room, not on stage. Don’t forget the boys in your group who are in a different change room.
    • Dance Extreme dancers clap for everyone – our teammates and dancers from other studios.


8. There Is No Photography Allowed Of Dancers On Stage Or In The Change Rooms

All Dance Extreme dancers will be disqualified from the competition if parents are caught photographing or videotaping any dancer (their own or from other studios). This is a strict rule of all competitions that must be followed.

Please note, if parents are caught photographing and/or filming and Dance Extreme is disqualified from the competition, those parents will be responsible for refunding the competition fees for the entire Dance Extreme Dance Troupe.

In addition, every year at every show and competition, we remind parents that taking pictures of their dancers in the change rooms is strictly prohibited. While you may be focusing on your child, there are often dancers changing in the background and out of respect for everyone’s privacy and comfort level there are no photos allowed in change rooms.


9. If You Have a Question, Check With Your Parent Rep

Parent reps have typically been through competition weekends before and know that there can be lots of questions! Feel free to email them directly and ask any question you may have. We’re all here to help.


10. What To Pack

Here’s a handy checklist to help make sure you’ve remembered everything!

Must Haves:

  • Costumes
  • Shoes
  • Warm up suit
  • Tights (always have an extra pair on hand for each colour/type)
  • Jewellery
  • Hair Piece(s)
  • Earrings (best to have a spare pair)
  • Make up
    • Foundation
    • Yofi Make-up pallet
    • Translucent Powder
    • Eyelashes
    • Mascara
    • Brown brow pencil (if applicable)
  • Brush
  • Comb
  • Gel
  • Hairspray
  • Elastics (must match hair colour)
  • Bobby Pins (including flat pins and bun pins)
  • Hair nets for buns (must match hair colour)
  • Hair straightener (for ponytail or half-up/half-down hair styles)
  • Water bottle with straw (to prevent lipstick smudges – especially on the chin!)
  • Dry Snacks

Things You Might Need:

  • Q-tips
  • Make up remover clothes
  • Baby wipes
  • Safety pins
  • Body glue (for costumes and hairpieces that may need additional hold)
  • First aid kit
  • Children’s Advil
  • Slip on shoes (flip flops/sandals)
  • Sewing kit with small scissors
  • Quick drying glue (sometimes earring backings fall off or costumes need a quick repair)
  • Nail polish remover (your dancer should be nail polish-free on their toes and fingers!)

Bonus: Have Fun And Enjoy Every Moment

Many former competitive dancers will tell you that their favourite memories growing up include competition weekends and as Miss Marlow says “Dancing is such a precious feeling because you are dancing with your heart on the stage, alongside many other hearts that are also there.” 

See you at competition!

Ten Things Ms. Rebecca Wants You To Know Before Competition