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Why I Dance

I hear the sound of your voice in music, so I speak with you everyday”

– JP Cooper

Dance connects me to things and people, physically or mentally, which gives me this certain feeling of relief.

It’s typical to say it is an escape, but it could not be closer to the truth. Moving your body in intricate directions, positions, and angles, and getting your soul into the music instantly takes you away from the past and present, and places you into a different type of breath. You can do nothing but smile after. It’s like sharing your deepest secret; releasing all of the stress and anxiety that comes with that secret.

I started dance at 5 years old to gain confidence, and came out with a better understanding of who I am.

It’s like a snowflake; each movement is a reflection of who you are and not one person will be the same. I believed that journey would end once I left my studio and came to university, but in fact that journey only really started once I let the movements and breaths take control of me. I have worked towards that feeling for 15 years, and to be able to teach it and share my passion is the best reward I have ever received.

It truly is a beautiful thing to be able to put your heart on the stage alongside many other dancers.

Why I Dance by Marlow Salhany



Miss Marlow Salhany is an instructor at Dance Extreme. Check out her faculty profile to learn more about why her classes are full of technique, creativity, challenge and fun!

Why I Dance