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How Dancers Can Stick To It When The Stage Is Slippery

If you’re a dancer, knowing what to do when the stage is slippery can mean the difference between getting onstage confidently or being worried about slipping with every dance step. Although it used to be common to mop slippery stages with a mixture of Coke and water, or encourage dancers to rub the bottom of their […]

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What If The Judges Don’t Like Me?

It’s your first solo.  Congratulations!  Back in June when you auditioned, a solo seemed like a great idea.  Now that your first competition is staring you in the face, you’re not so sure.  In fact, you’re terrified.  What if you forget your choreography?  What if you trip?  Worst of all, what if the judges don’t […]

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Why Core Muscles Are Important For Dancers

Dancers are constantly being told by their dance teachers to use their stomach muscles, engage their cores, find their centres, or maybe they’ve been told to simply “suck in”. There are many variations for giving this one very important correction to dancers, but perhaps parents and students don’t completely understand why dance teachers talk so […]

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My Summer at Canada’s National Ballet School

This week the Canada’s National Ballet School will be making a stop on their National Audition Tour in London Ontario. In 2014, Dance Extreme dancer Paige Lavoie auditioned and was accepted into the four week Intensive Summer School of the National Ballet School (NBS). In 2015, Paige was invited to return to the summer program. […]

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Two Crucial Steps To Learning To Like Ballet

When you see the body outside of a costume and see the strength it takes, people would look at dance a different way. You’re not just born like that.” – Misty Copeland In my last post on ballet I ended by saying that, if you want to be a better dancer, you have to go […]

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Why Do I Have To Take Ballet Class?

“I hate ballet.  It’s so boring.”  “Why can’t I do more fun classes?” As a long-time dance mom, it upsets me when I hear students or worse, parents, say things like that.  I can’t stress enough how important it is to take ballet seriously. In ballet class the dancers work on proper body alignment, the […]

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