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Why Core Muscles Are Important For Dancers

Dancers are constantly being told by their dance teachers to use their stomach muscles, engage their cores, find their centres, or maybe they’ve been told to simply “suck in”. There are many variations for giving this one very important correction to dancers, but perhaps parents and students don’t completely understand why dance teachers talk so […]

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Meet Dance Extreme Instructor Ms. Andrea Gittens

Rewarding – Challenging – Enthusiastic These are the three words Ms. Andrea Gittens uses to describe her dance classes and a quick poll of any of her students would show that they thoroughly agree. For the last 27 years, Ms. Andrea has been teaching Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Musical Theatre and Creative Movement and has been […]

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Why I Dance

I hear the sound of your voice in music, so I speak with you everyday” – JP Cooper Dance connects me to things and people, physically or mentally, which gives me this certain feeling of relief. It’s typical to say it is an escape, but it could not be closer to the truth. Moving your […]

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Meet Dance Extreme Instructor Miss Marlow Salhany

Inspired by dancers like Michael Minery and Chaz Buzan, Dance Extreme instructor Marlow Salhany considers dance to be an art as much as it is a sport. “Any type of artistry deals with digging into your creative side, which is what inspires my dancing as well as teaching.” Raised in Ottawa, Miss Marlow spent the […]

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Everything You Need To Know To Get Organized For Dance Photo Day

Written by: Miss Kelsey It’s hard to believe that picture day is just around the corner. Congratulations to all of our dancers for working so hard this season. These last few weeks can be pretty busy and it can be tough trying to remember all of those little details. Here are a few reminders to […]

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Five Things Your Child Learns In Tap Class Other Than Tap

  Tap dancing is not just a bunch of steps or learned routines; it is a language and a form of communication which speaks from the heart. The steps can be compared to words in a dictionary, but a dancer needs to learn the meaning of those words, and that comes from studying the history […]

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