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I Pulled A Muscle! What Should I Do?

This is Part Two In Our Anatomy of a Dance Injury series. Click here to read Part One. There is a lot of confusion about whether to apply heat or ice to an injury.  If you did nothing, eventually your injury would heal; but, you can help things along if you manage it effectively. I […]

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Anatomy of A Dance Injury – Part One

Injuries are commonplace among dancers, and they often feel that they should ‘push through the pain’, but that’s not always true. When is pain good, and when is it bad? Good pain is what you feel when you’re teaching your body to be more flexible, and strengthening muscles you didn’t know you had.  Stiffness and […]

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Eat More, Not Less! Snacking is a Good Thing!

IS SNACKING BAD? No! A loud resounding NO!  Snacks are good thing! So many people hear a lot about eating less and will go hours and hours without eating based upon this mythology or in attempts to lose weight. Eating less is not a good thing and can lead to gaining weight as not eating […]

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