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Tips for Dancers

20 Perfect Holiday Gifts for Dancers You Probably Don’t Know About

‘Tis the season for making a list and checking it twice. If you’re struggling with finding the perfect gift for your dancers, don’t stress, Dance Extreme Artistic Director, Ms. Rebecca Brettingham-Filice has put together this list of perfect holiday presents for dancers of every age! 1. Warm-up Booties     Keep your dancer’s feet toasty […]

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How Dancers Can Stick To It When The Stage Is Slippery

If you’re a dancer, knowing what to do when the stage is slippery can mean the difference between getting onstage confidently or being worried about slipping with every dance step. Although it used to be common to mop slippery stages with a mixture of Coke and water, or encourage dancers to rub the bottom of their […]

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Ten Things Ms. Rebecca Wants You To Know Before Competition

Competition season is here and we know that for everyone, not just our newest Dance Troupe families, there can be lots of questions and a bit of planning that goes into getting ready for each competition. With this in mind, Artistic Director Ms. Rebecca, has put together a top ten list of things to do […]

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What If The Judges Don’t Like Me?

It’s your first solo.  Congratulations!  Back in June when you auditioned, a solo seemed like a great idea.  Now that your first competition is staring you in the face, you’re not so sure.  In fact, you’re terrified.  What if you forget your choreography?  What if you trip?  Worst of all, what if the judges don’t […]

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How Dance Extreme Helped Me Become A Teacher

14 years ago, I stepped into Dance Extreme for my very first dance class. At that time, my parents and I didn’t have any expectations for the beginner jazz class. The sole intention was to keep a tween busy on a Saturday afternoon. However, it turned out to be so much more. Fast forward 14 […]

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Expert Dance Mom Advice On Getting Organized for Competition

Showcase is over and competition is just around the corner.  You’re so excited!  You can hardly wait for it to begin, but it’s a whole month away.  What will you do? Get organized.  One of the best tools you can have is an organized dance bag or bin. Here’s short list of ideas to get […]

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