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Ballet Classes

At Dance Extreme, we believe strong ballet technique is the foundation of all dance styles and to be the best dancer. regardless of the style of dance,  you need ballet training.

We offer ballet classes for dancers ages 6-18 years old and focus on posture, turn-out, alignment, grace, poise and strong technique.

Dance Extreme students study the Cecchetti method, the same method used by the National Ballet of Canada, Royal Winnipeg Ballet Company and the Quinte Ballet School. Cecchetti ballet classes combine both art and grace with the development of good tone, technique and placement while following the International Cecchetti ballet syllabus.

Classes Offered:
Beginner-Advanced / Recreational and Graded Ballet
Class Cost:
Depending on length of class. Please contact the office for more information.  Discount given when more than 1 class is taken.

Ballet Classes

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