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Hip Hop & Breakdancing

Hip Hop and Breakdancing classes give dancers the opportunity to dance to their favourite music and learn all the popular dance steps from the hottest music videos.

This discipline teaches the latest, most innovative urban dance techniques. Elements include proper conditioning, stretch and strengthen techniques, steps and combinations. The blend of jazz and street-style dancing has made hip hop a popular choice for dancers. Anyone can join these high-energy classes, just bring some attitude and a little individual style!

Classes Offered:
Beginner - Advanced
Class Cost:
Depending on length of class. Please contact the office for more information. Discount given when more than one class is taken.

Hip Hop & Breakdancing

What To Wear To The Hip Hop & Breakdancing Class

Dance Wear

  • Comfortable sweats or dancewear of any colour.
  • No jeans or any clothing/jewelry that may be hazardous while dancing.

Dance Tights

  • None required for class.
  • NOTE: Girls will require tights for recital.

Dance Shoes

Capezio Jazz Boot
  • Black dance sneakers or black jazz shoes.
  • NO running shoes or street shoes allowed.

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